Over the years, Romanspage has helped overseas companies by taking on the employment and payroll activities for their employees thereby reducing the cost, time and risk.

With Us, you can focus on gaining market entry and direct business activities while we focus on keeping local authorities off your doorstep by complying with all statutory demands of the country of choice.

OWe assist by

  • signing employment contract with employee on your behalf

  • process all statutory entitlement and benefits and ensure compliance

Lets' Help You Focus...

HR Outsourcing

Whether registered as a startup with the hope of avoiding bottlenecks that can slow down growth or an established firm, looking to grow and expand its reach; we are just here to help by ensuring you stay focused on your core specialty while we take away the non core burdens off you.

Our HR Outsourcing service considers your budget for any role and can convenient work around it to ensure we hire the right staff and maintain our professional service at no extra fee above your planned figure.

We have overtime helped our clients reduce their time and cost per hire by over 40% through our recruitment, profiling and interviewing model.

We can also support your business.

Managed Healthcare

At Romanspage, employee motivation seems to be of interest to us because it goes a long way in driving productivity. One sure way of keeping employees motivated is to show concern about their wellbeing.

Romanspage provides healthcare cover for all categories of employees. We are not only particular about corporate clients because we believe healthcare should not be limited to that. In this stead, we have partnered with healthcare providers to deliver qualitative health service to individuals also.

At a minimal fee monthly, you can have access to improved healthcare services across different hospitals in Nigeria.


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Background Checks

Our background checking services are designed to minimise or eliminate pre-employment risk and provide further support through the chain of employment for new hires.


Our clients trust us enough to deliver in due time helping them make faster recruitment decisions, mitigate recruitment risks and streamline on-boarding processes whilst ensuring compliance and creating a safer working environment for employees.

Our services is comprehensive, secured and cost effective which helps in cost savings as well as being properly informed about the people you are hiring.

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